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Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija
Škocjan 2, SI-6215 Divača

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There are three lecture rooms available, two of which are convertible into a bigger conference hall for 60 persons, and two working rooms for work in groups. The rooms will be equipped with modern AV equipment, which will provide the participants with all the necessary technical support and enable quality work.

The salon is intended for official receptions and weddings and will sit 20 people.

The kitchen with former bar is  intended for feasts and will sit 20 people.

The Mulberry garden is intended for meetings, receptions, events, weddings and celebrations of anniversaries and will sit around 60–80 people.

The cellar is intended for occasional exhibitions relating to the field of the Park's specialist work as well as art inspired by local motives, it will sit 50 people.

For accommodation, local residents' private rooms and apartments are available.

Local residents' private rooms and apartments:

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