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Park Škocjanske jame, Slovenija
Škocjan 2, SI-6215 Divača

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Organizacija Združenih narodov za izobraževanje, znanost in kulturo

Welcome at Pr Nanetovh!

In our wish to acquaint the public with the importance of natural and cultural heritage, we renovated the cultural monument of national importance in Matavun at No. 8. From the 25th November 2011 our Promotion and Congress centre is opened for public.

It is here, where history meets the present and the future is built on the basis of values and knowledge, that world heritage is being enriched. (Read more...)

Latest news

Meeting place of Karst Biosphere Reserve boards
Datum objave: 08.09.2014
Starting with 1 September every first and third Saturday from 9.00 until 13.00 the coordinator board for the Škocjan Caves Park will be at disposal for the members of the Karst Biosphere boards for discussion and help with the actualization of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program mission.
The opening of the exhibition "Unveiled landscape: Airborne laser scanning of the Škocjan landscape"
Datum objave: 04.09.2013
On Friday, the 30th of August 2013, the opening of the exhibition on laser scanning of dr. Dimitrij Mlekuž took place in this house. The exhibition is dedicated to the centenary of heritage protection in Slovenia. Besides the author, it was opened by three honourable speakers; the director of the Slovene Centre for preventive Archaeology Barbara Nadbath, the director of the Koper Regional Museum dr. Luka Juri and the director of the Park Škocjan Caves Public Agency dr. Gordana Beltram. Musicians Danijel and An Černe created a pleasant atmosphere.
International Congress on “Scientific Research in Show Caves”
Datum objave: 04.09.2012
From 13th to 15th September 2012, Park Škocjanske jame
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